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April Events

April Events

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April 19th, 2005EventCardinal Joseph Ratzinger elected Pope Benedict XVI on the second day of the Papal conclave.
April 19th, 1999EventThe German Bundestag returns to Berlin.
April 19th, 1995EventOklahoma City bombing: The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA, is bombed, killing 168. That same day convicted murderer Richard Wayne Snell, who had ties to bombing suspect Timothy McVeigh, is executed in Arkansas.
April 19th, 1993EventThe 51-day siege of the Branch Davidian building outside Waco, Texas, USA, ends when a fire breaks out. Eighty-one people die.
April 19th, 1993EventSouth Dakota governor George Mickelson and seven others are killed when a state-owned aircraft crashed lands in Iowa.
April 19th, 1989EventA gun turret explodes on the USS Iowa, killing 47 sailors.
April 19th, 1985EventAdvance Australia Fair is proclaimed as Australia s national anthem, and green and gold as the national colours.
April 19th, 1985EventU.S.S.R performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakhstan/Semipalatinsk U.S.S.R.
April 19th, 1976EventExecutive Order 9066 is rescinded.
April 19th, 1975EventIndia s first satellite Aryabhata is launched.

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